In another convincing victory, 3rd District House Representative Adrian Smith won re-election over Democrat challenger Mark Sullivan.

Smith won with 6,805 votes to Sullivan’s 2,755.

“I’m very grateful for the support,” Smith said. “Our system is alive and well.”

This will be Gering-native Smith’s fifth term as U.S. Representative. Prior to his election to Congress, Smith served on the Gering City Council and then represented District 48 for eight years in the Nebraska Legislature.

When he was elected to Congress, he said, the mood of the country was focused on opposition to war, but that changed.

“What’s always surprising is how the issues can change so quickly,” Smith said. “We have issues that remain that need to be resolved.”

He spoke of the need to reform the nation’s tax code, which he sees as hampering our economy.

He’ll also be focusing on international trade.

“We’ve had great results in trading with other countries,” Smith said. “We want to help feed the world.”

“In the last two years we have passed 387 bills in the house that are bi-partisan in nature,” Smith said. None of those were debated or even voted on in the Senate, Smith said. With what looked to a be a Republican majority in the Senate as of press time, Mitch McConnell (the presumed GOP Senate leader) can schedule the debate, Smith said.

“We need to have the debate. … Our country was founded on disagreement and we’re stronger for it. Let’s not be afraid to debate,” he said.

Smith serves on the Congressional Ways and Means committee as well as subcommittees on international trade and health, focusing on Medicare.

His caucus memberships include Rural Caucus, Rural Veterans Caucus and Modern Agriculture Caucus.

Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District encompasses the western three-fourths of the state and is one of the nation’s largest congressional districts. The population of the 3rd District is 608,438.

In his 2012 re-election bid, Smith defeated Sullivan of Doniphan by 74.2 percent to 25.8 percent.

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