Victoria Ayotte Brown, Lincoln Journal Star
February 5, 2020

Sen. Ben Sasse:

“At tonight’s State of the Union address, the president talked about some big Nebraska priorities: promoting trade, securing the border and defending life. The USMCA is great news for Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers and it’s an achievement worth celebrating tonight. Border security is national security: We’ve got to combat the drug cartels that are terrorizing our southern border – this is something Congress ought to get serious about. Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got to promote a culture of life with a compassionate agenda that’s pro-baby, pro-woman, and pro-science.”

Sen. Deb Fischer:

“At tonight’s State of the Union, President Trump laid out a forward-looking plan to protect American families through a strong national defense and a secure border. He also highlighted the new trade agreements that will provide opportunities for Nebraskans to work with partners around the globe and continue to grow the economy. I hope the president’s optimistic vision will inspire Congress to work together across party lines on solutions that will ensure a brighter future for Nebraskans and all Americans.”

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry:

“It is the ultimate tribute to our enduring republic that no matter the tenor of the time, the state of the world, the politics of the moment, the president of the United States stands before Congress, justices of the Supreme Court and a rapt nation and delivers a State of the Union address.

 “Tonight, the president delivered a very American, meat-and-potatoes speech, with a very important emphasis on national security, keeping you safe, and getting health care right. He had a particular initiative that is dear my heart and those of many Nebraskans called The Trillion Trees. I think it’s very important for Republicans to embrace this space of environmental security.

“When that military family was reunited, it brought tears to my eyes.”

Rep. Adrian Smith:

“Tonight, President Trump presented an optimistic agenda to continue growing economic opportunity for all Americans. He has worked hard to fulfill his promises to update NAFTA, hold China accountable, reduce burdensome regulations, reform the tax code and make our nation and the world safer. I agree there is much more work to be done, and I look forward to building on our accomplishments.”

Rep. Don Bacon:

“Tonight, we heard from the president about our once-again strong economy and his visionary approach to helping everyone thrive and in new opportunities. Not only is our economy strong, but military strength has been restored and we are respected once again.

“The president touched on how wages are rising faster for workers under the president’s forward-looking economic and tax policies. And in Nebraska, our real median household income has risen 10 percent to $62,000. The president also challenged us to continue to improve by expanding opportunities through career and technical education in every single high school in America.

“As I listened to our president talk about our once-again strong economy and strengthened military that is again respected by the world, I was even more impressed by the heroes he chose to represent our great country. From Charles McGee, one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen who was recently made a brigadier general; to Amy Williams and her two children who have not seen their father Sgt. First Class Townsend Williams in months, until tonight; to Kelli Hake and her son Gage who lost her husband due to a roadside bomb provided by Soleimani who was recently killed by U.S forces.

“As we confront the challenges laid out this evening, the sacrifices of these extraordinary Americans is a reminder that there is no obstacle that we can’t overcome through our united resolve for a better tomorrow.”

Gov. Pete Ricketts:

“President Trump truly is delivering on his promises to the American people in the ‘most exceptional Republic ever to exist in all of human history.’ From millions of new jobs to new trade deals, he is helping create great opportunities for Nebraska’s working families. His proposal to expand school choice will help students achieve their dreams, and his continued commitment to appointing conservative judges will protect our Constitution. Congress should answer President Trump’s call to ban late-term abortions and bar illegal immigrants from receiving free government health care.”

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