Endorsed by NFIB & the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Adrian voted for the most sweeping federal tax reform since Ronald Reagan was President. 

For Nebraska families:

  • Doubles the personal exemption
  • Increases the child tax credit
  • Lowers rates for individuals

For Nebraska agriculture:

  • Lowers rates for pass-through businesses
  • Expands Section 179 business expensing
  • Doubles the estate tax exemption
  • Continues full deductibility of property taxes on agricultural land as a business expense

Named a ‘Friend of Agriculture’ by the Nebraska Farm Bureau

Expanding fair trade with other countries is vitally important to Nebraska’s rural economy. Recently Adrian traveled to Montreal and Mexico City to take part in the renegotiations of our trade agreements with Canada and Mexico. Whether in our nation’s capital, around the world, or at home in Nebraska, Adrian will fight for fair market access for our home-grown beef, pork, and grains, as well as our American-made manufactured goods. 

Endorsed by the NRA with ‘A’ Rating

While California-Democrat Nancy Pelosi and her liberal followers want to impose tough gun control measures on the American people, Adrian is determined to fight for the constitutional right to own guns. Firearms — whether for hunting, sporting, collecting, or self-defense — are part of our heritage and culture in rural Nebraska. Adrian is a lifetime member of the NRA and proud to earn their endorsement.

Endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life & Nebraskans United for Life

Nothing is more sacred than protecting the innocent life of the unborn. Adrian believes life begins at conception and ends at natural death. Adrian is unwavering in his support for pro-life legislation and opposition to taxpayer funding for abortions.