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Access to quality health care is a challenge for the Third District because of rising costs and the distance between health care facilities. Unfortunately, the healthcare legacy President Obama left is one which has only made these problems, and others, worse.

Democrats promised Obamacare would reduce costs, allow Americans to keep their health care plans and their doctors, and not add “one dime to the deficit.” Each of these promises fell well short – or completely flat. The cost of health care has continued to skyrocket, thousands of Nebraskans have been kicked off of their insurance plans or lost their doctors, and the cost of Obamacare has exploded the debt, putting an even greater burden on future generations.

President Bill Clinton called Obamacare “the craziest thing in the world.” He’s right.

I believe we must repeal Obamacare and pursue market-based reforms. Decreasing bureaucracy and mandates while increasing competition in the system will lower costs for the millions of Nebraskans facing premiums and deductibles they cannot afford.

I will continue to fight to make sure Third District residents are able to get the care they need.

Federal regulations often do more harm than good. Every year, government agencies impose thousands of regulations on the backs of hard-working taxpayers, families, and businesses. These executive agencies abuse vague legislation to issue rules, without the consent of Congress and without consideration of their impact on our lives, jobs, or the economy as a whole.

Agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seem more interested in harassing industry, agriculture, and energy producers out of business to pursue an ideological agenda than ensuring commonsense standards.

Particularly, some of the most egregious abuses of agency power have been forced on our agriculture community. In recent years, the federal government has attempted to regulate farm dust, prohibit children from helping on their family farms, deploy OSHA inspectors on small farms, and apply the Clean Water Act to non-navigable waters. I have opposed and fought each of these efforts.

I believe we must reform the regulatory process as a whole. One change I’ve helped champion would require Congressional consent before regulations with a significant impact on the economy could be imposed on the American people.

Together, we can continue to block and unwind the constricting red tape impacting Nebraskans and people across the country.

The best way for us to unleash America’s energy resource potential is to get government out of the way. When we let the free market work and allow more domestic energy production, we can build the diverse, reliable, and affordable power supply America deserves. “Cap and Trade” and other efforts to limit American energy would be economically disastrous, especially for low-income individuals and families who can least afford huge increases in their utility bills.

Broadening energy and fuel choices for consumers not only boosts America’s economy, but also make us a global leader in energy production. American energy independence is important to our economic and national security. We should encourage this revolution by leasing public lands for exploration, ending the regulatory assault on energy producers, and giving producers the freedom to invest in new energy technologies. These efforts will help promote energy independence, lessen the need to purchase energy from unstable and unreliable sources in the Middle East, and lower the cost for Americans.

Massive budget deficits and a growing national debt represent the greatest threat to America’s future prosperity and security. House Republicans are returning government’s focus to the functions prescribed in the Constitution. By shrinking government, making targeted spending cuts, and implementing smart, constitutional spending, we can help grow our economy out from under the national debt crisis our children and grandchildren are set to inherit.

Many of the cuts made in recent years have been to discretionary spending programs and defense. While every branch of government should be asked to do more with less, we have yet to address mandatory spending which is the true driver of our deficit and future debt obligations. Without reforms, popular programs such as Social Security and Medicare will not only be unsustainable, but will also bankrupt our nation. I support the House Republican budget to responsibly reform these programs for future generations and put our budget on a path to balance within 10 years.

I also support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution to force fiscal responsibility. Nebraska and most other state governments are required to balance their budgets every year, and the federal government should have to do the same.

The last thing our local communities need are more taxes and more government. I’m committed to passing a budget which does not spend beyond its means and promotes economic growth, because that is how we can ensure prosperity and opportunity for all Americans.

America’s tax code is ten times the size of the Bible – with none of the good news. Our complex and outdated tax code is costing our economy jobs, and our families precious hours with loved ones.

We need a simpler, fairer, and flatter tax code. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, I’ve been working to make this happen.

We will not fix our economy or solve our budget crisis by raising taxes. We have a spending problem which has led to a bloated government, a complex tax code, and a sputtering economy. Growing our economy, not our government, is my focus.

On the House Ways and Means Committee, I am helping to lead the effort to reform the tax code to make it fairer, flatter, and simpler. I want to reform the tax code so 90 percent of Americans will be able to fill out their tax return on a form the size of a postcard.  We can simplify the tax code by eliminating loopholes and applying the savings to reduce rates for individuals and businesses.